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Our blogger outreach services delivers genuine backlinks by reaching out to authoritative and relevant bloggers. This white-label link building service will boost your rankings and increase organic traffic and sales.

Our money-back guarantee

We want to give you the best link building service possible and if you’re not happy with your link then we’ll provide you with a full refund and take down the link.

How It Works

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Provide your link requirements when you place an order through our order form. This allows us to build the best backlink possible.

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Once we’ve written the content and found a relevant website to publish it on, we’ll contact you for approval before we send the content out.

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Backlink Created

As soon as the content is published by your approved publisher, we’ll send you an email with your new backlink.

Reach High Authority Blogs

When it comes to backlink quality and power, our blogger outreach services excel beyond the mainstream. We craft high quality content, which includes relevant information about your business with links that direct people to your website. Our team then negotiates with a relevant blogger to have your piece of high quality content published on their blog, which drives traffic to your website and increases the authenticity of your website.

Our Blogger Outreach process



Once we receive your order for blogger outreach. We’ll start finding bloggers that best match your niche and have good SEO metrics. These metrics are measured using Moz and Majestic.



We’ll then reach out to these bloggers and see if they’re interested in publishing new content with your link inside it. If they agree, then we’ll plan the content according to their requirements.


Crafting content

We’ll then begin writing the content and will insert your chosen anchor link. This is called a curated link. The content will also provide value that’s interesting and relevant to your niche.



Lastly we’ll proceed onto getting your article published. Once done, you’ll have a brand new permanent backlink for your website which will then boost your keyword rankings.


What Our Clients Say

One of The Highly-Trusted Blogger Outreach Services Today

We have been providing blogger outreach services for a while now, which has allowed us to expand our customer base significantly. We are always dedicated to offering the best blogger outreach services in the market to ensure our clients don’t regret working with us at the end of the day. To prove the confidence level that we have in our expertise, we always give you a money-back guarantee. That way, if we don’t provide the expected results, you can demand the invested money.

What is a blogger outreach service?

Before we discuss what a blogger outreach service is, let us first define blogger outreach. Blogger outreach refers to the process of collaborating with influencers and bloggers in your niche to market your goods, services, or website. Doing blogger outreach can be tricky, especially since you must have a great strategy to get the bloggers to accept your guest post. This is where a blogger outreach service comes in. Blogger outreach services take the burden off your shoulders and do everything for you. Therefore, with an excellent blogger outreach agency, you don’t have to go through the exhausting process of looking for relevant bloggers and convincing them to work with your brand.


1. Articles

Using articles is an excellent way to build quality backlinks for your brand. Articles usually contain in-depth information about a specific topic in your industry to help offer value to the readers. Your company is then mentioned somewhere in the article to drive people to your website. A large percentage of the article will mostly be about the specific topic that’s related to what your company does.

2. Company Features

The company features mostly discuss the current issues that people are facing and then recommends your company as the best solution. So, the most significant part of this type of content is usually about what your goods or services can help in efficiently solving a particular problem. Company features can be compelling because they introduce your brand and explain what you do without the reader even visiting your website.


3. Listicles

Listicles are articles that are presented in the form of a list. The included items in the list are then briefly described to give you an idea of what they entail. Therefore, you can write a listicle providing tips on a specific topic or suggesting some ranking products while including your item on the list. Doing this helps the reader also to consider you as an excellent option; hence, checking out your site.


4. Industry News

This type of article mostly covers the current happenings in a specific industry. Contributing to industry news can be great for your brand because the article is usually published on well-known sites that will definitely drive plenty of traffic to your website.

5. Product Reviews

As the name suggests, this method involves offering a free product to an influencer for a review. Product reviews usually work since it’s unlikely that bloggers would refuse free stuff, especially if you provide something valuable. After bloggers have used your product, they later make a blog or video review telling their audience about their experience, hence helping people acknowledge your brand.

Why choose our blogger outreach service?

We are a dedicated blogger outreach service, and we always try our best to remain at the top. We also do everything we can to deliver the promised results to help keep you as a loyal customer. But since you have never worked with Healthy Links before, here are several reasons why you should consider choosing our blogger outreach service:

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1. Expert Writers

High-quality content is usually the foundation of a perfect blogger outreach strategy. At Healthy Links, we have a team of highly-trained, passionate, and experienced content writers who craft your content. Their excellent skills and experience allow them to write awesome content that can be accepted by any webmaster or influential blogger. So, we handle the content planning and creation for you, so you don’t have to.

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2. We Manage Your Blogger Outreach Campaign

The hardest part of doing blogger outreach is looking for relevant bloggers to contact and getting them to publish your content on their websites. Hiring our blogger outreach agency enables you to continue working on other things as we do all the hard work to get you backlinks from authoritative websites. Therefore, if pitching has ever been a hassle for you, let us help you.

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3. We Have A Huge Network of Bloggers

Throughout the time that we have been providing our blogger outreach services, we’ve built great relationships with thousands of bloggers. This network enables us to quickly get the most suitable website to publish your content and, therefore, send you excellent backlinks within a short period. Our agency also deals with legitimate websites, so you never have to worry about getting poor results due to using links from spammy sources. 

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4. We Offer Customised Blogger Outreach

If you have specific requirements about the type of website you want your posts published, we can customise your blogger outreach to fit your needs. Our network of influential bloggers also allows us to get you a website whose Domain Authority (DA) ranges from 20-90 depending on your budget and goals.

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5. Fast Turnaround Time

One primary reason why we have many repeat clients is that we always meet all the deadlines, even the strictest. Our blogger outreach services help you get high-quality backlinks within a

We’re A Top-Rated Blogger Outreach Agency

Healthy Links is a constantly-growing blogger outreach agency that has reached its current level through consistency and hard work. We also pride ourselves on the excellent results we deliver for our clients without any excuses. The dedication to offer the best blogger outreach services has enabled us to be the go-to agency in the market today, and we intend on keeping up the great work.

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What’s our blogger outreach strategy?

No blogger outreach campaign can be carried out without a great strategy, and we live by the same rule. At Healthy Links, we usually take your project very seriously and therefore craft a plan to ensure it’s professionally done. So, we assign the project to our skilled team to help find the most relevant website to publish your content. After getting the best site, we then give the content to the most experienced content writer in your niche to handle it. Afterwards, our able editors go through the content, ensuring it is SEO optimised and adheres to all your instructions, so you get exactly what you wanted. We then ensure your content is published and your backlink is live for the longest time possible.

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Your #1 Choice as Blogger Outreach Platform

Healthy Links is among the most dedicated blogger outreach services you will ever find out there today. You can work with any agency, but you need one that will take your project seriously and give it the best shot. At Healthy Links, we love building excellent relationships with our clients. This allows us to win your trust and thus work with you even in future projects. Lastly, we only work with talented writers, marketers, and link builders. Therefore, you can trust our blogger outreach service to help your company get fantastic and long-term SEO results. So, if you are looking for a professional agency to handle your manual blogger outreach project, then contact us via live chat or contact form and let us help your brand reach new heights.

What are the benefits of our service?

Like everything else, blogger outreach has rules that you must follow if you want to run a successful campaign. Not having a well-planned blogger outreach strategy is a recipe for failure, which you should avoid. Below are the best blogger outreach practices to follow:

1. Establish your goals

For your blogger outreach campaign to succeed, you must have some targets to help guide you in the right direction. Some of the goals that blogger outreach can help you achieve are:


  • Increase your social media following. A popular blogger can influence their audience to follow your brand on social media, thus increasing your potential customers.
  • Create brand awareness. An influential blogger can introduce your target audience to your products or services, hence boosting leads
  • Boost sales. Nowadays, many people usually look up to influencers for updates on the latest and best products in the market. Therefore, if a blogger introduces your services on social media, you will likely receive lots of traffic and sales.

2. Research

Before doing anything else, the first step is to take time and research on what different bloggers do. Don’t just reach out to random bloggers because they have a substantial social media following. Instead, look for a blogger within your niche to ensure your blogger outreach campaign reaches the right audience.

3. Engage

It is always crucial to first engage with an influencer on social media before sending your pitch. So, make sure to comment on the target influencer’s social media posts, and then share and tag them. Doing this might help to catch the influencer’s attention, which is something they will definitely remember when they see your pitch.

4. Pitch

Pitching is the most crucial stage here since it’s when you convince the blogger to give you a guest posting opportunity. Therefore, simplify your message because the blogger might be busy and will therefore need to know why you are emailing even without reading the entire message. So, your email’s subject should give the blogger an idea of what you want. Remember to be passionate in your emails to help you stand out from the many emails the blogger receives daily.

Honesty is also key when pitching bloggers. Don’t make empty promises to the influential blogger just to get your offer accepted. Doing that spoils any chance of future collaborations with the influencer, and you risk your brand being tarnished in the process.

5. Build Trust

After the blogger accepts your offer, now ensure you maintain a healthy professional relationship. That way, it will even be easier for you to get another opportunity to work together in the future.

As you can see, blogger outreach is never a walk in the park, which is why if you feel like you can’t do the above things perfectly, you should get some professional help from a blogger outreach agency.

Why Agencies Outsource Their Blogger Outreach to Healthy Links


No contracts involved

Contracts can be exhausting and pointless, especially if you are outsourcing the work. At Healthy Links, we let you control the blogger outreach process to ensure your clients get what they want.


High confidentiality

We never expose your client’s private information to any third-party, and we also let you take all the credit for the work done. Therefore, if you feel overwhelmed by your blogger outreach work, then reach out, and we’ll help meet all the deadlines and still deliver the expected results. Also, no client will know that we handled any of the projects.


Easy to order

We understand that you’ve got urgent deadlines to meet and therefore want a system where you can place orders fast and get back to work. Our system allows you to place your orders in less than a minute, which saves time and enables us to start working on your project immediately.


Fast turnarounds

Our blogger outreach agency has highly experienced professionals who are ever ready to take your urgent projects. We ensure to deliver the assigned content within the provided time to help you meet the clients’ set deadline and hence continue believing in us.


Comprehensive reports

After polishing up your projects, we usually send you a report to share with your clients. With this report, your clients see that you did an excellent job and even surpassed their expectations.


24/7 customer support 

As an agency, your clients might inquire about their project’s progress. In such cases, our customer support team is always available through live chat and contact form to ensure you get answers immediately.

Frequently asked questions

All common questions related to our blogger outreach service answered here.

How soon until my links are live?

We always try to ensure your links are live in the quickest period possible. Therefore, your links should be live within 9 days after you order them. However, if you have any questions about your project’s progress, you can always contact our ever-available support team, and you will get the answers you need.

Do I need to provide relevant content for blogger outreach service?

We don’t ask for content from our blogger outreach clients because we create it for them. What we need from you are your URLs and the exact anchor texts that you need to be included in your guest posts. After that, you leave everything else to our blogger outreach agency to handle. However, your content ideas are always welcome as we would love to deliver precisely what you want your audience to see. You can also provide the content if you wish.

Can I get a link on a niche specific site?
Publishing guest blogs on irrelevant websites is pointless and fruitless. Our blogger outreach service focuses on helping your content appear on niche-specific websites. Therefore, we build you backlinks from a site in your niche to ensure the links you get will benefit you.
How do you check the domains for spam?
Getting backlinks from a spammy website is useless and might even harm your website’s SEO. To avoid publishing your content on harmful sites, we follow this process:

  1. Our blogger outreach experts use an effective link building tool such as Moz to check a website’s spam score
  2. We use Majestic to check whether a site’s trust and citation flow are balanced.
  3. We then scan a site’s C-Class IP to ensure it’s not a PBN website.
What anchor text do you recommend in Blogger Outreach?
We always help our blogger outreach clients to choose the most appropriate anchor text that will serve its specific purpose. There are many creative ways to create excellent anchor texts, but you can always try a simple approach, like using your company’s name or a naked link. We can also show you some blogger outreach examples to help you get a few ideas of great anchor texts to use in your content.
Are more powerful backlinks better?
Having powerful backlinks is always a great way to help your website build more traffic and thus yield better SEO results. However, more powerful links might not always work the same for everyone. If you are a new website, you should build backlinks from average but relevant sites as you upgrade to more authoritative ones in the future. However, if you are an already high-ranking website looking to better its results, then it’s recommended that you use powerful backlinks.
Are there any links you won’t provide?
Our agency’s primary goal is to provide the best blogger outreach services to brands in every industry. However, we might not offer you our services if your website deals with adult content or other categories that might be considered illegal or offensive. We also avoid being categorised as spammy by manual auditors as that could affect our SEO results and leads.
What if my rankings bobble after placing my link?
It is normal for your rankings to be unstable right after your backlink goes live. Therefore, give the link some time, mostly a month, and see it start helping your website appear at the top of relevant Google search results.
Who writes the content?
We have a highly-trained team of native writers who handle your guest posts. These writers are also experienced in your niche to ensure you get relevant content for your website.
How long will my link placements last?
The backlinks we build for you remain for as long as the publishing website is still live. However, if your link ever stops working, contact us, and we will ensure it’s back live.

Why choose Healthy Links?

Case Study #1

Organic traffic results for a door company that just started. Our SEO strategy depended on implementing a strong content marketing strategy and saw them blow from zero to competing with stores like Travis Perkins and Screwfix. They’ve told us their phone rings every five minutes with new inbound leads.

Case Study #2

Traffic for an ecommerce store that was struggling to get organic traffic. The issue we found was their keywords weren’t correctly implemented and needed stronger backlinks. They also initially followed blackhat SEO techniques which we helped them recover from by disavowing unhealthy backlinks.

Case Study #3

Recent traffic for a garden shed company that just started. After two months of doing their SEO we saw them climb the ranks for popular keywords like plastic sheds. Now they’re receiving approximately 500 visitors per day.

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We introduced this link building service as we wanted to make buying backlinks easy. Our blogger outreach is conducted by SEO experts who endeavor in making your business part of a community of bloggers. Our relationships with these bloggers allow us to effectively work with them to craft high-quality posts that are relevant to their audience and promote your brand. Once we receive your order, we’ll also create a link building strategy based on your requirements and then begin to outreach to the most relevant sites in your niche.

Increase your ranks and reach your audience through our blogger outreach services – no contracts, no fuss involved! We’ve been recommended and trusted by top SEO agencies.

Healthy Links is a link building agency that focusses on delivering effective backlink services for websites that want to rank and increase organic traffic.