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Boost your organic traffic by being the authority within your industry. We can provide you with powerful and relevant backlinks so you can surpass your competition and maximise sales.

Our link building services will boost your organic traffic & get you sales.

Are your SEO performance efforts unable to provide results? Are you tired of the same old tricks and ineffective SEO strategy nonsense? Then, you are in the right place. Our link building company specialises in SEO strategies that matter most: generating organic traffic and maximising sales for beginners and experienced website owners.

Healthy Links is a link building agency dedicated to building high authority backlinks and increasing organic and referral traffic to websites that want more leads and sales through search engine optimisation. Our approach is to build authoritative, trusted and relevant backlinks to your ‘money’ site through SEO link building methods such as guest posting, niche edits, blogger outreach and local citation building. Our link building services are designed to get you to that sweet organic search engine #1 position and follow Google’s latest algorithmic changes such as E-A-T and YMYL which will make you rank along with the kingpins of your industry.

All of our link building agency’s services involve creating a custom SEO strategy and link building campaign, improving your brand’s visibility and getting you more leads and sales. You should start seeing your rankings increase after around a month of your links being published, we’ve even seen increases happen within two weeks. Give us a try and you can see the results for yourself.

How It Works

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Once we have received your order, we’ll then look at the requirements you’ve provided and start delivering the link building service you requested.

Check Progress

Check Progress

You can check the status of your order through our dashboard. You can check the progress of your order whenever you want.

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Get Results

Once we have successfully completed your project, we’ll send you a notification email along with your new backlinks or content.

What We Do

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Blogger Outreach

Our premium blogger outreach service helps you build high quality backlinks by publishing articles and content on authoritative and relevant websites.

Content Creation

Niche Edits

Our affordable niche edits service builds you backlinks by inserting links into authoritative, relevant and aged content. This method is a simpler, yet effective.

Content Creation

Guest Posts

Our powerful guest posting service is a great way build strong backlinks and show expertise in the field you specialise in by having a value-filled blog post along with your author bio.

Local Citations

Local Citations

We’ll submit your business to trusted local directories which will rank you locally. If you want local leads, this link building service is perfect for you.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Our wordsmiths are skilled at crafting various types of content on a vast array of topics. We’re skilled at writing webpages, blogs and articles that provide value.

Local Citations

Backlink Packages

Choose one of our link building packages for all-in-one solution for powering up your domain’s authority and give an overall keyword ranking boost.

How important is link building for your SEO?

Since search engines existed, algorithms have always viewed backlinks as an instrumental factor in deciding where your website is ranked on its search engine result pages.

With content marketing and link building, you’re creating business relationships, brand awareness, and driving organic and referral traffic to your site. Link building is vital in your off-page SEO link building strategies and its importance has never been more essential if you’re going to compete and outrank your competition, especially in this day in age where everyone is trying to get the best backlinks possible.

However, link building can be a time-consuming and arduous task, especially when Google announces a new update every few months which can make your previous link building strategies obsolete. This is why most SEO agencies and companies in general use a link building agency that specialises in this field as they do not have to worry about where to start and they can get help and advice on link building where ever needs are.

We’d be more than happy to be your next SEO and link building agency, and we’re sure you’ll be overwhelmed with the links we build for you. Contact us now and we’ll be here to help answer any questions you may have.

Why choose Healthy Links?

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We Maximise Online Sales And Help Scale Businesses

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We Offer A Money-Back Guarantee For All Services

increase traffic

We Increase Keywords Rankings And Explode Organic Traffic

Brand Awareness

We Increase Business Visibilty And Brand Awareness

money back guarantee

We’ll Make You The SERP Kingpin Of Your Industry

money back guarantee

We Provide 24/7 Reliable Customer Support

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the method used by most SEO agencies, entrepreneurs, webmasters, and bloggers to get popular websites to link to their sites. This tactic has increased popularity over the years as it’s effective in boosting a website’s Domain Authority (DA) and overall traffic.

Despite how much Google’s algorithms change, backlinks will always remain to be a major ranking signal. This means that including link building in your SEO performance will definitely help you show Google and other search engines that your website is worth appearing at the top of search engine results. However, your link building has to be on point to rank higher on SERPS, meaning you must focus on building high-quality backlinks.

Like everything else, the link building field is also filled with many hacks you can use to get where you want. Most of these tactics might be useful, but notall are always white-hat. It is always recommended to perform natural link building where you use white-hat methods while avoiding black-hat hacks. Using shortcuts might get you some quick and short-term results but will cause you long-term pain when your website gets banned.

Natural link building is the way to go, but it’s never easy. This link building company tactic needs you to reach out to hundreds of high-authority websites and request them to link to your site, which does not always happen. Sometimes, the influencers you contact don’t even read your emails, leaving you no choice but to keep looking for other alternatives. Luckily enough, you can buy backlinks from agencies such as ours. You need a company like us that’ll be worth the investment and will provide the exact services you need.

So, Why Is Link Building Important for SEO?

When Google is ranking websites in a particular niche, it checks the quality of their published content and the type of websites linking to them. Therefore, getting authoritative websites to link to you proves that you are a valuable resource, thus helping you rank higher on Google SERPs. Also, being linked to popular sites shows you are trustworthy, enabling you to get more traffic and, thus, appear among the top search engine results. Therefore, if you want to beat your competitors and be a leader in your niche, then you need to wisely use link building to help you rank on top for all the relevant target keywords.

Now that you are all caught up with the major things that link building involves per month, let us now discuss what our link building agency, Healthy Links, can do for you.

Why Choose Us to Build Backlinks for You?

As mentioned earlier, you should be careful when choosing a link building agency because the market is literally filled with many options today, making it hard to pick the right SEO team. In this section, we show you why you should consider Healthy Links to be your go-to link builder agency.

1. Highly Experienced Link Builders

Our primary goal has always been to deliver the best link building services to our clients. So, we have hired a team of highly trained and experienced link builders to help us achieve that goal.


2. Excellent Customer Care 

If you have ever hired a link building agency and later tried reaching out to inquire about the project, only to get a not very friendly response, you never have to worry about that with us. Our team is always welcoming and professional, and we always treat our potential and active clients respectfully.


3. Transparency

We are always transparent with our clients about the link building methods we use, our experience level, and even communicate when we face some challenges during the project.

4. We Provide Regular Updates

At Healthy links, we regularly contact you with updates about the progress of your link building project to help you know when to expect the ordered backlinks.

5. We Provide Excellent Services

Delivering valuable backlinks is always a primary goal for us. We understand that you hired our backlinks agency for a reason and, therefore, we work harder to deliver the expected results.

6. We Work Well with Everyone

Our team consists of experts in almost all niches, which makes our link building service very dynamic and flexible. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which industry you are in, we can build you fantastic backlinks that will help you achieve the desired SEO results.

Money Back Guarantee

There is no worse feeling in the world than investing so much into a service, then realising later that you made a huge mistake because you won’t get what you want. If you would get a refund, maybe that’d help you feel a little better since you won’t spend more money looking for a more reliable service provider.

At Healthy Links, we believe in our link building service and what it can do. But we also understand that all our clients need the results they signed up for. Therefore, if you buy our link building package and you don’t get the promised results, we’ll immediately refund the total amount paid.

What are the benefits of our service?

Choose the Exact Websites You Need Backlinks From

Our white hat link building company will show you relevant websites in your niche that we have in our digital PR network so you can choose which to guest post on.

Be Able to Decide the SEO Metrics to Focus On

Our white hat links also lets you specify the exact SEO metrics you need the linking websites to have. Therefore, if you want to guest post on websites with a specific Domain Authority, Page Rank, or overall traffic, then we will make that happen for you.

Choose the Content Length

Do not shy away because you just need a short article written and published on an authoritative site. We create both short and long-form articles for our clients and publish them on top ranking websites. So, if you feel like 500-word articles are what you need, then our content team will produce exactly that and help you build links to your website.

Review the Guest Posts Before They Are Published

Guest posts are usually a reflection of your business. Therefore, you must always check if they are well-written before publishing. After our in-house team of native writers is done with your article, we normally send it to you to review and ensure it matches what you want. After that, we build links on your selected websites.

We Use White-Hat Techniques to Build High-Quality Backlinks

We use the recommended methods to build backlinks and avoid black hat links that’ll get your site penalised by Google. Also, we love having repeat clients per month, which can’t happen if we keep getting our clients’ websites penalised. So, you can count on us to build digital PR blogger outreach backlinks that will provide you with long-term benefits. Additionally, we always monitor the published backlinks to ensure none get deleted, especially after you’ve already paid for it. In case your backlink gets deleted, we immediately contact the responsible webmasters and get it back online.

Stay in Control of Your Link Building Strategy

The link building campaign is yours, and you, therefore, need to be in control to ensure the best results per month. Although our SEO services play a huge role in helping you execute link building strategies, you will still be in total control. Our backlinks agency lets you control your link building strategy:

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Control Your Content

Content marketing is a crucial part of every bespoke link building strategy and, therefore, needs the maximum attention, both from you and from our SEO team. Our link building agency has a team of skilled content writers to create the best content for your website. We also assign the guest posts to writers with relevant experience in your niche. So, you can always expect relevant, error-free, and original articles from our white hat link building service.

We always let you choose your articles’ topic to ensure your blog contains the kind of information you need. However, if you don’t have any content ideas, then we can research for you and suggest some great topics that can help your business stand out and, thus, receive more organic traffic. Also, you get to choose the exact writing style you want us to use when creating your content. That way, your articles can reflect your brand, hence bring in more effective SEO performance results.

We allow you to choose the exact keywords you want to be included in your SEO content. That way, your business can rank on top for relevant keywords in your niche. We also research the topic and suggest some great keywords that we feel might help drive immense traffic and boost your site’s Google
ranking. However, if you don’t like all or some of the suggested keywords, we use the chosen ones to ensure client satisfaction.

If you would love links to be hyperlinked in specific keywords, we make sure our writers do that. So, you’ll never get links just randomly placed in the content we create for your site. Moreover, you must approve the content before its published. Therefore, in case you feel like some links to your website or keywords are misplaced or misused, we immediately rectify that to the version you need to be published.

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Pre-Approve Your Backlinks

We always conduct thorough research before working on your link building strategy. Doing this allows us to understand your SEO campaign and business goals, thus enabling us to build relevant blogger outreach backlinks that won’t disappoint you.

We also have a vast network of digital PR webmasters in different niches with whom we have established healthy personal relationships with. This makes it easier for us to get excellent white hat links. Therefore, we never get you backlinks from private networks because there is no way to know how they operate and, therefore, can’t trust them to provide high-quality backlinks. Also, remember that we provide you with recommended sites that we are considering posting your content on and later send you the backlinks so you can approve them before they go live. So, you always have a chance to make sure you are not getting links from risky sources that can get your website penalised by Google.

In case we send you a link suggestion, and you don’t like it, we’ll always get you another one according to your specific instructions for free. This ensures you get what you want per month, and we get to keep you as our client. So, it’s a win for both of us.

Overall, we let you know all the tactics we use before you even give us the project. This helps you understand every technique that we will apply in yourlink building strategy so you can decide if you are okay with that.

Try Our Popular Easy-to-Order Powerful White Hat Link Building Packages

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1. We Create Any Content You Like

Our SEO team works with clients from different industries, and we are always prepared to deliver relevant and valuable content. We have link building packages for everyone to ensure that you can get the content you want without spending too much per month. Our team of veteran writers also help to create original, engaging, and SEO optimised content for your audience to make sure you get lots of online mentions and free blogger outreach backlinks. Additionally, our editors are always very keen to help remove errors in the content before it gets published. This way, your readers can see that you know what you are doing and, therefore, make your