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How we ranked a Health Niche site

How we dealt with recent YMYL & E-A-T Google updates to rank a health niche site.

I don’t know if you were aware of the recent Google core algorithm change that affected all sorts of health eCommerce stores.

I just wanted to share with you some value on where Google is heading its recent algorithm change and how we’ve adapted and ensured that our clients get the rankings they want.

As you know, Google looks for specific things from a backlink to tell how valuable it is and whether it should be counted. Such things include:

Relevancy – Is the backlink relevant?

Authority – Is the website linking to you authoritative?

Quality – Is the website linking to you unique and well built?

Popularity – Is the website linking to you popular and has it got a viewer base?

These are the key factors that I look at when checking backlinks and this perspective has given me brilliant results. Below I’m going to share with you a link building strategy that I used which has increased my client’s traffic by 150%!

case study 1

Our strategy for this client was simple.

This site is an online pharmacy and so we’ve had to build links relevant to the health industry, right?

Well due to the Google algorithm YMYL update we couldn’t write health-related content as we’re not health professionals and that’s EXACTLY what Google doesn’t want. Google wants genuine content that provides value to the reader and a link from that content that is relevant to what it’s linking to.

So our approach was to avoid writing health-related content and instead, writing content related to travel and lifestyle.

One example of an article would be: What to pack when travelling to Asia

And so we could then plug the brand by mentioning “‘Example Pharmacy’ recommends that you bring an EpiPen with you on your travels”.

We would also make sure that the paragraph is well suited to travel and contains content that’s related to what an EpiPen does. This is because Google looks at the surrounding content of the anchor text to ensure that the link itself is relevant.

I repeated this process with Click Pharmacy and now we’re starting to see results that have never been achieved before. So just stick to these four core principles when link building and you’ll see results:

– Relevancy

– Authority

– Quality

– Popularity

I hope you can take something new from this and send us any questions you may have with regards to this link building strategy.

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