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How to recover from a Google Penalty

What is Google Penalty Recovery?

Let’s discuss a Google Penalty. It is an extreme and sudden drop in your search positions in Google, resulting from updates of Google algorithms and/or a manual activity by a Google employee. If you get a Google Penalty, do not feel bad. There are some of the most significant websites on the internet who faced it. Example:

  • The BBC was punished for “unnatural hyperlinks.”
  • The Washington Post has been punished for promoting links
  • JC Penney was penalised for purchasing links
  • Mozilla, manufacturers of the Firefox web browser, has been punished by a Google employee for user-generated content
  • BMW and Ricoh got their whole sites delisted temporarily

Whatever the situation, if you receive a Google penalty, then it is among the subsequent…

Two Types of Google Penalties

A manual activity comes in Google’s spam group. To see whether you’re given a guide penalty, visit the Google Webmaster Tools to your website and assess for notifications on “unnatural hyperlinks” or some similar message. An algorithmic action is more difficult to determine because it’s an automatic penalty. And you have to match the day when you lost traffic together with the afternoon an update occurred in Google’s algorithm alter history.

This demands a great deal of sleuthing and investigation, which is much better done by a staff that knows what to search for. According to Matt Cutts, former leader of this internet spam group at Google, over 400,000 manual activities are taken from Google each month. And that is not counting the tens of thousands of sites penalised by algorithmic activities, dependent on upgrades such as Penguin and Panda. Fascinating fact: We have seen research that reveals just about 20,000 webmasters per month contact Google to submit a reconsideration petition. Should you do the mathematics, just about 5% of penalised sites are actively hoping to recoup their search positions. That is a shame! Since you may recuperate from a Google penalty .

How can you recover from Google penalty?

The fantastic news is that a penalty does not need to become a death sentence. Typically, you can get your website to rank more in search and recover your traffic. In our experience, if you have been penalised due to a manual or algorithmic action, over 95% of the penalty is brought on by poor backlinks to your website. This indicates that you should examine your backlinks to discover which ones might have led to the issue. Nevertheless, the entire problem is more concerned than that. It’s actually a 3-step procedure: identify bad links, attempt to remove them and disavow the rest of the links. It requires time and persistent effort. However, you really don’t have any alternative, if you want to regain your natural search rankings

Now, here is precisely how to recover your positions…

Step 1: Identify bad links

Proceed into Google Webmaster Tools and download each of the backlinks to your site. Google will export them into a CSV format. While identifying bad backlinks , you usually have to test on them one at a time. However, there are strategies to sort them and help you save time. Here are hints of low-value, poor backlinks:

  • Sites may not be at the Google index. This usually implies that they were banned by the search results.
  • Websites having a Domain Authority below 10 or 20 (Webmaster Tools can show you this)
  • Other indications of backlinks: gaming or porn sites; sites with auto-approved remarks or spammy posts; sites using too many outside links (aka link farms).

Next, after discovering all of the bad backlinks to your website, you need to…

Step 2: Try to remove bad links

Find contact information for every site with a lousy backlink to you. It is often as straight forward as searching for “About us” or “Contact” on the webpage. If these pages are missing, then consider looking for the domain name at to locate their Administrative Contact Mail. After that, send every site a friendly email petition to eliminate their connections to you. It is possible to expect any of these outcomes: your connection is eliminated (Yay! ); the email is dismissed or the webmaster requests for cash to remove the link (Boo! See Step 3 below).

Step 3: Disavow bad links

For any remaining backlinks which you cannot get removed, you can disavow them. When you do this, it is like telling Google that you don’t want these links to be taken into consideration when analysing your site for rankings. As soon as you’ve chosen your retrieval activities, file a reconsideration petition with Google. Often it occurs that requests are refused a few times before being approved, particularly if you’re new to the procedure. You have to be individual or work with an expert to simplify the procedure.

The Bad News About Penalty Recovery

Our Penalty Recovery service is meant to learn exactly what went wrong, and then mend it. So, you get your website traffic — and your company — straight back to where it’d been before being struck, or perhaps much better.

1 Reason? There may be a lot more than just 1 penalty that struck your website. Identifying and eliminating those penalties can possibly be sabotaged since there’s no contact number or technician service in Google for this — they won’t ever let you know exactly what went wrong. That means typically mending your website isn’t an overnight procedure. Though it’s sometimes an extremely straightforward consideration to recoup your site’s search rankings, but it’s not that straight forward. If you do not realise what are you doing, then your procedure can drag on for several weeks.

Our 3-Step Process to Penalty Recovery

We’ve helped tens of thousands of customers through recent years. We’ve formed ghostly alliances, flipped our partners into critters inside their niche, moved hills and shaped brands out of the bottom up. And the results were so precise: people that paid attention to us never left. We keep up with the highest retention rate of any search engine optimization agency or digital advertising agency we all know after many years. Because of this, after a long time at the SEO & website marketing and advertising universe, we believed it was time to close our doors to anybody who’s not a perfect fit for people.

  • Step 1: Diagnose. To begin with, we figure out precisely what went wrong. Was the cause outward, such as too many “spammy” backlinks to your site? Can it be internal, such as copy content? Or it can be both.
  • Step 2: Customise a Recovery Plan. Once we conclude why your website was hit with a penalty, then we create a Recovery intent to correct it. There’s no downtime — the master plan is more thorough and complete, due to our proprietary applications.
  • Step 3: Execution of the Plan. We then go to work on removing your Google penalty.

None of that really is automated — that is what could possibly get you in some trouble in the first location.

However, the attempt is well worth every penny when you obtain your traffic back! As an alternative, our technicians manually delete or disavow “unnatural” links into a site. We treat articles elimination and repair. Every plan differs and requires intimate partnership with you over a few months. In the long run, while it’s a result of bad backlinks to your website or some malicious third party has used negative SEO contrary to you personally, you can get over the Google penalty. Websites such as yours have regained previously and therefore are recovering today. We all know because we do this all the time…

You can help you recover from a Google penalty. Just contact us here and let us know what site you need help recovering.