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Five Whitehat Link Building practices will increase your Google Rankings

SEO has a lot of different elements to it, but one of the most difficult, albeit effective, ones to use wisely and efficiently is the practice of Backlinks. For those interested in boosting their SEO practices and their search engine rankings, Backlinks are the best option.

What is a Backlink?

A Backlink is any hyperlink or redirecting link that brings the reader to your website from another website. This can be as a result of clicking on an image, a word, or an actual link on another site.

What is a backlink

Why are Backlinks important?

Online businesses operate within a niche, and this niche is often very tightly knit. Almost all businesses know each other or know of each other, which helps ensure that they have good ties with each other or can look to others for inspiration and help. Within any niche, businesses can use Backlinks to redirect traffic from one website to their site, which helps their search engine ranking and relevance go up. If reliable and well-known businesses, websites, and blogs begin to redirect traffic towards a site via backlinks, then this allows that website to become more popular and eventually more credible as well, which can also boost search rankings.

How to get started with Backlinks?

If you have the time, the required effort, and the determination to invest in creating organic and reliable backlinks, then here are five backlinking practices that can surge your ranking in search engines.

1. Guest Posts

New algorithms in search engines prevent websites that buy spammy blackhat backlinks from rising in search engine rankings. For that very reason, websites and blogs that purchase inorganic backlinks tend to not do as well as those that work hard to build them. A great way to start building backlinks is by looking at other businesses, blogs, and websites of the same niche as yours, and reaching out to them and allow you to do a guest post on their blog. This, quite naturally, works with credible and established websites and with credible and semi-established business owners within the industry that these reliable websites can trust.

Guest posting

2. Find your mentions

Once your content and product are good enough, other websites will automatically start mentioning your site. The way to get backlinks that are relevant and organic is by finding your mentions online, which can be done by utilising simple and readily available online tools, and requesting those websites to hyperlink the mentions with backlinks to your site directly.

3. Dead Link building

More often than not, websites can come across errors on their pages and sometimes their external links are broken. When this happens, that’s your opportunity to go in and request them to fix that broken link and link to one of your pieces of content that’s relevant to the anchor text of the broken link. To find such sites, search within your niche, and you will find a few that need help. You can also use a handy tool called Majestic to check the niche of a site and dead link checker to find broken links.

Dead links

4. Social Media Sharing

Using social media is a good way to share your newly published content with people who follow you. If the content provides good value then they’ll most likely share it with their friends which increases organic traffic to your blog. You never know, one of those readers could be a blogger who may link to your content giving you an extra backlink.

Social Media Sharing

5. Going old school with comments

Comments on blogs, websites, or social media pages on content that is relevant and similar to your niche ensures that people in search of material and products such as yours have multiple options available to them. This allows these viewers to click on your link and get redirected without any fuss!

Bonus tip!

Most people underestimate the power of testimonials. A testimonial with a Backlink on a reputable and highly frequented website can ensure that people who trust that website and the reviewer are now coming to your site.


Backlinks can get quite messy if done without proper care because search engine updates are always catching inorganic Backlink practice and flagging websites that use these methods. Creating an efficient and well-thought-out Backlink network in your respective niche and industry takes time, patience, and a lot of dedication. If done with caution and strategy, this can lead to your website ranking amongst some of the top search results in search engines.