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How To Get Your Website Indexed On Google

How to get your website indexed on Google

Anyone who has a site wants to be on page 1 of Google. Unfortunately, that's no easy task to do. With more than 250 million websites till date in existence worldwide, it's more than likely your site might not show up in the search results page. If you hope to stand a...

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How To Recover From A Google Penalty

How to recover from a Google Penalty

What is Google Penalty Recovery? Let's discuss a Google Penalty. It is an extreme and sudden drop in your search positions in Google, resulting from updates of Google algorithms and/or a manual activity by a Google employee. If you get a Google Penalty, do not feel...

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Golden Rules For Internal Linking To Boost Your Seo

Golden rules for internal linking to boost your SEO

In the age of SEO marketing and SEO strategies being one of the most important ways for a website to get itself up in a search engine’s rankings, it is crucial for every site and business owner to keep up with the times and adapt to how marketing is being done. In the...

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Web Crawl Budget And The Myths Surrounding It

Web Crawl Budget and the Myths Surrounding it

SEO is a huge field with many myths surrounding it. Web crawl budget is one critical SEO part many people don’t understand properly hence the misinformation you see on the internet today. Many website owners know you shouldn’t waste your crawl budget if you want...

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What Is Guest Posting And Blogger Outreach

What is Guest Posting and Blogger Outreach

Guest posting refers to writing an article, then publishing it on another blog, or website with the owner’s permission. The article is usually published with your site’s link hence giving you a backlink that allows the article to reach a bigger audience. Blogger...

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